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Club Sponsors 2023/24

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Virtual MGR offer fully customizable, operational, and remote workforce software developed to create more efficient, compliant, and quality-controlled workflows. They have made it their mission to develop innovative solutions to improve working lives. They value the relationships they have both internally,  and with their customers, and they use their team's combined knowledge, expertise, and skill-sets to make the day-to-day lives of their customers and their workforce easier.  

They provide a cloud-based, data-driven platform that smoothly shifts analog paper processes of managing dispersed labor into a fully digital system that tracks performance and labor productivity to discover efficiencies and profitability opportunities. They serve a range of industries, including healthcare, foodservice, wellness, commercial cleaning, senior living, government, and education, to address various pain points in compliance management, labor productivity, and task validation. Fully-customizable and easy to integrate, Virtual MGR’s software increases efficiencies – saving their clients time and money. 

Virtual MGR’s global offices are located in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.



Phone: 1300 559 060

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