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Senior Information

Runaway Bay Cricket Club offers adult cricket across a full range of standards, catering to everybody and anybody willing to participate.


Register To Play

All registrations are completed via the Play Cricket website. Click the link below to get signed up for the Club this season!


Playing Senior Cricket

The Club currently offers:

Saturday Cricket:

  • 1st Grade 

    • 75 Over 2 Day Matches & 40 Over One Day Matches (Turf Only)

  • 2nd Grade 

    • 75 Over 2 Day Matches & 40 Over One Day Matches (Turf Only)

  • 3rd Grade

    • 75 Over 2 Day Matches & 40 Over One Day Matches (Synthetic & Turf)

  • 4th Grade

    • 35 Over One Day Matches (Synthetic Only)

  • 5th Grade

    • 35 Over One Day Matches (Synthetic Only)

  • 6th Grade

    • 35 Over One Day Matches (Synthetic Only)

Sunday Cricket

  • Over- 40s

    • 40 Over One Day Cricket limited to players aged 40 and above (Turf Only)

Senior Membership Types

Senior Membership is available in three categories:

1st- 4th Grade Membership

Eligible for selection in the Clubs top 4 grades, and also places an expectation on the players to play where picked, should they sign up for this registration.

5th & 6th Grade Membership

Eligible only to play in 5th & 6th Grade, this membership is for players wishing to limit themselves to certain teams/groups of friends. Should a player only wish to play for a certain team or with a certain group of players, this is the grade they will play.

Over 40’s Membership

Over 40’s Membership is for players wishing only to play in the Sunday, fortnightly Over 40’s competition.

Senior Membership Fees

Senior 1st-4th Grade Membership: $499 per season

Senior 5th & 6th Grade Membership: $499 per season

Student Membership: $399 per season

Over 40’s Membership: $125 + $25 per game

All Membership includes:

  • Membership Cards offering $1 discount on all beverages in the Clubhouse and 10% of merchandise

  • Full Playing Kit: White Playing Trousers, White Playing Shirt, RBCC Playing Cap

  • Full Training Kit: Training T-Shirt, Training Shorts

  • Club Polo

To register, playing must join the Club via the Playcricket Website.

Upon registering, players will be presented with any current discounts available on Membership Fees, and monthly payment options via direct debit.

Senior Training

Training for seniors is held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5.00pm – 7.00pm.

Training consists of both net and ground work and all players are matched to their ability in a net environment, for their own safety.

Players wishing to play in higher grades are expected to actively participate in training.

Upon arrival at training it is requested that you check in with the Net manager to ensure you are registered and offered fair involvement during the session.

Training is open to all – should you wish to come and see the Club and join in prior to becoming a Member, that is permitted and we look forward to your involvement.

Senior Expectations

Playing for Runaway Bay Cricket Club seniors are expected to contribute as follows:

  1. Attend Post-Match Presentations at the Clubhouse, commencing at 6.30pm

  2. Turf Cricketers are expected to assist with the covers the night prior to any match they are playing on Sam Loxton Oval or Sam Loxton 2


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